We create the most luxurious cheeky Brazilian bikini styles from around world - with a conscious. 2nd Skin Bikinis is both Fair-trade & Sustainable, ummkay!
2SB will not insult our sisters' intelligence by suggesting wearing our bikinis will empower you. Nah, that soul-level goodness comes from deep within! We will, however, offer you a brand that can align with your values and principles - And that’s pretty empowering!
“Sustainable fashion is a culture - not just a purchase.”
As a boutique brand we are extremely-limited in quantity, but high in luxury. When the owner / designer Carol Isaza began the brand, she was not seeking to be labeled as ‘ethical.’ By simply aligning every decision with her own ethos, 2SB evolved organically as a fair trade label.
“I believe economy, environment and society are inseparably related.” 
2nd Skin Bikinis is for the female who knows what she wants and is unapologetic for it. Like wearing the cheeky bikini for herself only, not for external validation. She loves natural beauty, craftmanship and design. Though her love affair with Mother Nature and the wildness of the ocean goes much deeper.
“Beauty is nature’s tool for survival, because we protect what we love.”
In sharing that same principle, we appreciate  when a brand like 2SB commits to social responsibility by not mass-producing for lower prices, because doing so adds senselessly to landfills and negatively impacts workers’ wages. 
By employing a small team of master seamstresses, one can be assured 2SB is paying their skilled sisters a wage well above the average. As we know a boutique brand ensures a much higher quality, classic limited designs, rendering them timeless compare to fast fashion brands.
During the last 10 years Carol has been waiting for the Brazilian bikini trend to grow. Meanwhile as she travelled the world, she watched us quietly in admiration. Owning our curves and everything else we do…Inspired by these vibes, Carol did not want to design another ‘Playboy’ of cheeky bikinis – rather, she saw a bigger need for a brand representing the ‘hippie wild child’ in us!  Her passion and drive is to connect with these fellow females who identify with beach culture and love everything oceanside... Annnnd who give a f*** 

For those who are comfortable being in your skin, we will be honored to be your 2nd Skin. 



2nd Skin Bikinis