What are our 2nd Skin Bikinis made of?


Posted on February 18 2019

What are our 2nd Skin Bikinis made of?

We all want the best quality products. If we are paying money for it, we want it to be long lasting and do exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s sometimes difficult to judge the quality of a piece of clothing, especially if you are buying from an online store. It’s all a bit of a mystery until you receive the product.

It’s one of the reasons some girls are a bit hesitant about buying a bikini online. Here at 2nd Skin Bikinis, we think you deserve an explanation & full transparency. 

Geographically, the experts in swimwear are in Italy, Brazil and Colombia. Here, they have enough experience to determine what material is best to use to create the best quality swimwear. So, naturally, we looked to those countries to find a manufacturer for our products. 

We eventually found one called Protela Colombia, who have been around for 64 years.

Side story: To be fair, there was a lot of bias in this decision on behalf of Carol Isaza the owner & designer. She is a female of the world and has left pieces of her heart in many parts of the world. One being Italy. However, ultimately she followed her roots and origin to her father’s birth town Medellin Colombia. Which coincidentally just happens to be one of the biggest manufactures of swimwear in the world. She felt this serendipity was a clear indication that this is where she had to build from. 

Protela Colombia  manufacture fabrics for underwear, swimwear and activewear. Their fabrics for swimwear are made with an Eco Process, resulting in Eco Fabrics. INVISTA’s products such as Lycra Xtralife®, Lycra Extrafine®, Lycra Beauty®, fiber Tactel®, and Solar Guard® for premium durability and resistant to the elements.

Another aspect of this company was its set of morals. It’s green footprint reflects its respect for the environment. They also ensure that everyone is paid equality and is able to work under good work conditions.

If you would like to see more about Protela, you can visit their website here: https://www.protela.com/playa

We assure you that when you receive our product, you are getting excellent value for your money. We have searched far and wide to get you the best quality in swimwear. Try it for yourself. 

Like any relationship

you deserve respect

via full transparency,

and above all quality. 










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