The Ultimate Cheeky Summer Road Trip. By, Jemma Good Child


Posted on February 18 2019

The Ultimate Cheeky Summer Road Trip.    By, Jemma Good Child

Summer is here and you’ve got the ultimate ride, a VW Kombi Van painted in turquoise of course, check. You’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Thelma and Louise - the ultimate road trip movies evah! Now what do you need to fill that Kombi with for your travels and mere survival? A cheeky 2nd Skin Bikini (or two) of course! Your Feed Dipped Pouch to keep those precious bikinis in! Food supplies - (coconut water & Chardonnay- coz you know how to roll), and a road map - coz you're old school. Tupperware for your camp gear and warm clothes (for night chills), and cooler for the Crystal. Last, a smart phone to capture and share all those unforgettable moments - check, check check.


Okay so you may not have the ultimate ride, but you’ve got you're Ray Ban mirrored glasses and Free People Flower Power Romper on and your’e looking all fine. Smartphone for bikini’s selfies - check!


We all know road trips can be a nightmare. Insert Back flashes of travelling with the family when you were younger. Your brother taking cheap shots, your sister's in a pissy mood, whilst your mum and dad constantly fighting over the roadmap because someone took a wrong turn. You’ve seen the movies - you know how it works!


But guess what ladiez, now, road trips have taken on a whole new different meaning. Driver's license + The wide open road = Free to go anywhere and be anything. Your’e not that pre-teen anymore who has to go on family trips. You are young woman and you are travelling with your best girl friends across country to the coast where you will create memories and stories that will keep you rich for a life time, oh the stories that will come... all just for good fun and a laugh. Yoga, Sun bake, practice your surfing -with some cutie, read, sun bake some more and drink a beer (or maybe even a cocktail or two) on the beach. Yes! Bring on that frozen Margerita….you know you want it! Check exotic drinks….


OBVIOUSLY Music too must be pumped, listened through your vibrating Bose speakers connected to your Apple Iphone so that EVERYONE knows that the gurrlz are ‘on the road’. Check. Music playlists - well, depending on taste a few essentials are just a given: Icona Pop - I love it (of course), the classic and retro B52’s - Love Shack, Madonna for all you modern-feminists out there and Holiday as well as Bjorn & John- Young Folks, just to name a few. And don’t forget Lana del Rey, Lykke Li, Nekka and In to the Wild Soundtrack! Plus old faithfuls such as Eddie Vedar and Bob the one and only Marley….. 


So gurls - your ready to rock that Roadtrip?? I think so. 








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