The Cheeky Bikini wrote something for you...


Posted on February 18 2019

The Cheeky Bikini wrote something for you...

As the fashion industry expands, designers race to the next big trend, some more risqué than others. One of the newest trends up for discussion is the cheeky bikini. Some argue the cheeky bikini is “too revealing”. But when did fashion become about dressing for other people? It’s a state of mind and no self-respecting woman dresses for a man (or other woman). A self-respecting woman dresses in what makes her body looks good!

Fashion is about expression and loving one’s figure, and nothing does that more than a cheeky bikini. The booty-liberating swimsuit is exploding on beaches and runways alike. With a better fit for women’s bodies, the cheeky bikini is a great fit for the active beach girl to the habitual poolside lounger.

The time has come to free the cheeks! 2nd Skin Bikinis offer 10 different styles, ranging from thongs to cheeky shorties in various patterns and colors. The most fashion forward, confident girls rock these styles without care of what others think, because they know they look good. The cheeky bikini is a form of self-expression and a way to showcase one’s confidence, that is it’s ancestral right.  It is for the linear girls to the roundest girls, your lines are beautiful. Embrace them and love them, let 2nd Skin Bikinis the honor of joining you on that journey.


By Taylor Wilson



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