The Cheeky Bikini: A Trend or Revolution?


Posted on June 13 2019

The Cheeky Bikini: A Trend or Revolution?

If you say trend…

Hold up.

Let me explain a few thangs. Look at the shores of Hawaiian, Californian, and now Australian beaches, -they look killer then evaaaah!

  1. The women are all goddesses.  No matter what size or shape, they have the confidence of queens.  These goddesses wear the cheeky and swear to never go back.

Fierce, feminine fashion is being rocked more than ever-in and out of the water. Women aren’t afraid to flaunt a lil cheek and rock the radical cheeky bikini. Their style owns the beach, more so than ever.

The bikini is not a trend; it's a goddamn revolution. French fashion historian Olivier Sailard, would be clapping in his chair, stating a while back.

"The bikini was due to the power of women, and not the power of fashion.”

Well I’m here to support ya mate, I mean from the 1970's full body suit to the most flattering modern day, the cheeky bikini is now the millennial equivalent to the effin power suit. So cut your conservative diapers, bare your style, and show who’s  boss.

FACT: Swimwear fashion pioneers (MBFW) Mercedes Benz Fashion Week took the social leap 2 years ago, and proved that the cheeky Brazilian was here and it was here to stay... it’s pretty damn clear where the movement and revolution of the bikini is heading. Every brand is trying to offer variations of the Brazil cut with their ambiguous names & styles, all very confusing. Though 2nd Skin Bikinis suggests it’s become like buying a pair of jeans, so they have tailored the ‘Cheeky’ into 10 official styles to be part of their permanent signature collection. The universe makes sense now, thank you 2SB's! (P.S. Heart your Mermaid Shorties & Cheeky Briefs, please send me one.)

Ahem, cough. Don't judge, a girl’s gotta work.

Meanwhile… feminist author Lena Lenček came out of nowhere and effin’ slam dunks my point, clarifying that “… the bikini was more than a skimpy garment. It was a state of mind.”  And a statement of freedom; women before us broke out of age old shackles and carved  that new revolution. This is it. -SO, IF YOU SEE ME, don't hate, just learn a thing or two- I know you’ll come around… history is on my side sista. I’m just giving ya a little head start (before the crowds get em first). ;)


by, Olivia-Ellice Flint




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