Cheeky Bikinis - sexually objectified


Posted on February 19 2019

Cheeky Bikinis - sexually objectified

Some people seem to be under the impression that girls wear cheeky bikinis with the sole purpose to impress men. Some women refuse to wear one because they think it is an invitation for men to harass them. And some men believe the women who are wearing them are craving their attention and trying to woo them with their assets.

If you are one of the people who think this, here's another perspective:

There's so much more to cheeky bikinis than meets the eye.

We are not doing this to impress anyone. We wear cheeky bikinis because they make us feel good in them. Period. We like how the wrap of curves and fit us perfectly like a glove.

In December last year, the UK Daily Mail wrote an article about Karrueche Tran wearing a cheeky bikini, in order to capture something that was hardly news. They angled the article to suggest that she was wearing the cheeky bikini to show ex-boyfriend Chris Brown “what he was missing”.

Look at these pictures below. Does she look like she’s flaunting it for the boys?

Source: UK Daily Mail

The correct answer is no.
To the men out there who think we’re trying to get their attention, no we don’t want you to whistle and call out to us. But hey, you'd call out to us if we were wearing a paper bag.


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To the women out there who judge us for wearing cheeky bikinis. Although we couldn’t give a toss about what you think, it still saddens us that you would stand against the rights of your own gender like this. As women, we are constantly judged and abused due to what we wear. You are not helping the problem.
And finally, to the women who step out proudly in their cheeky bikini, despite of all of this. You are utterly incredible. 
Ignore the haters.

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