Guess where I found the Riot grrrls?


Posted on February 19 2019

Guess where I found the Riot grrrls?


It's 2014...

The ground is shaking and quaking, and it’s not just in California…it’s happening on beaches across the globe…

This is for the rebels, the fiery, the furious, and the fearless. To all the ferocious females (rayoww): meet the Cheeky bikini. Just another way to throw em’ for a loop and screw the status quo. The cheeky bikini embodies strong, confident women, passionate as the sun that shines down on their beaches and cheekses and the waves they aren’t afraid to ambush. They show off what’s real. They are not afraid of their cuffs, their butts, their voluptuous vixations; they embrace their natural beauty to the fullest. They are bold, beautiful, and proud. They don’t follow standards. They set their own rules. They ward off negative glances with their shining auras. They turn their cheeks and toss caution into the wind.

Have a cup of revelation along with the revolution…Kathleen Hanna rocked out on stage in a bikini to empower women and girls the world over. She flipped a switch on the stereotype and proved that women could be feminine to showcase their power, that they weren’t dressing for the attention of men, they were dressing for themselves, and subsequently squished objectification on its ass. The 2SB girl doesn’t care what anyone says. She does not have to prove her worth, she knows it and isn’t afraid to celebrate it.

The waves are booming around the world and the girls are booming, making waves. Revolutions can be a lot of work though; that’s when the Riot grrrls sip a martini in their favorite cheekinis. Just because there’s a revolution, doesn’t mean they can’t keep it classy in the downtime... (Seriously, they’re burning bras at 10, it’s only 2). This is one thing the grrrls don’t have to fight for…the right cheeky will choose them (just like the revolution). There’s the mermaid tail for the mischievous sirens, low-rise briefs for those who keep it cheek and simple,
or the Brazilian curtain to embolden the fiery furies…if that’s not enough, there’s more at Now they can kick it on the beach, chill, free their minds. They’ll need all the fire they can get, literally, tonight…the revolution isn’t over…

Head’s up...they’re meeting back at 10 in their revolution skins... bringing bras (to set fire) but definitely not wearing them….

Written by,Dianna Joyce

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