Historically Famous Women Who Made Bikinis fashionable


Posted on February 20 2019

Historically Famous Women Who Made Bikinis fashionable

Many of us gals love the freedom of wearing a bikini, but have we thought about the famous women who made swimwear look cool?

Here are some talented women who made the bikini what it is today:

Raquel Welch wore this fur bikini in the 1960’s classic film, “One Million Years BC”. Of course, this wasn’t made for the water, but it did become the most iconic piece of the decade.


Esther Williams was a famous synchronized swimmer during the 1940s and 50s. She paved the way for women of her generation to feel confident enough to wear bikinis in public.


Brigitte Bardot was the biggest sex symbol in the 1960s. She was fierce and glamorous whenever she wore swimwear. Because of her, women can flaunt their beauty on the beach.


Remember where we came from and where we are now. 



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