Cheeky vs Brazilian Bikini Bottoms


Posted on July 15 2021

Cheeky vs Brazilian Bikini Bottoms


There’s a pandemic going on, but at 2nd Skin Bikinis we get urgent cries  everyday about ‘whats the diff between cheeky and Brazilian bikinis?” “How do I know which style is the right one for me?!”

With so many different bikini styles in 2021, of course it's overwhelming & confusing to stay up to date with all of the new trends and what sets them apart. So we’ve done all the research for you and gathered all of the info on what you need to know to determine which bikini bottom is right for you.

Bathing suit shopping is ridiculously confusing, and we want to help clarify and simplyify picking the best cheeky/Brazilian bikini bottom for your beautiful unique derrière. 2nd Skin Bikinis wants to clear any and every uncertainty you have by giving you real tools that you can use to help find the perfect fit each and every time, year after year, with confidence. Now lets start by breaking it down…


Cheeky Vs. Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

PROS AND CONS of each style.

As we explain the various bikini styles, we will also let you know the considerations you’ll want to keep in mind whilst shopping. 

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

So what is a cheeky bikini bottom? It has a wee bit more coverage than a thong. If you are looking for a bikini bottom that’s between a full western cut coverage bottom and a thong bikini bottom, a cheeky bikini, or one piece swimsuit  is the style you want to look out for.

What’s your body type and which one will fit you best? It comes down to preference. But if we want to get technical. Cheeky bottoms are FAR more complimenting on the the majority then most string bikinis. As they hug, curve and accentuate your curves. Regardless whether you’re full in the back or flat. You could rightfully call it a miracle bikini! It highlights whatever natural curves you have, irrespective to size.

Big butt? Perfect. The little but substantial ‘enough’ material used, keeps the focus and emphasis on your lines and curves -not size, like a big western cut would. In other words IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU HAVE A CURVY BIG BUTT OR SMALL. The cheeky bikini bottom styles adds shape (not size), to your god given curves. Everyone is winning with this one.

Ummkay, so you’ve figured out cheeky bikini bottoms are for you, but now which style to choose from? At 2nd Skin Bikinis we have one of the widest ranges for you to choose from aaaaand TRY BEFORE YOU BUY WITH OUR VIRTUAL FITTINGS! Yes, thats right, you can use our 2 virtual fitting options. 

1st Virtual fitting option- punch in a couple of your body measurements and our app will spit out an eary identical looking image of your body type just-like-that.

2nd Virtual fitting option — If you are not 100% certain of your hip size, waist size, breast size — our app will tell you your exact measurements by tapping the phone on each side of you body. After which it will reccomend the perfect size for you in our 2nd Skin Bikini collection. 

Allow me to expand on the mutha-effn importance of that 2nd option.

"5 billion pounds of clothes are sent to landfills in the USA alone every year due to online returns. That's not including what gets incinerated."

I’m sure you would agree, that’s not sustainable. We as consumers and brands MUST work together collectively to change this. By brands offering better size guides, or ahem, virtual fittings hello!? Which will eliminate all the guess work and uncertainties of what size you “really” are, and not what size you ‘think’ you are. See the difference? Exactly. I’m glad you’re with us on this. Because we need you to be. We need you, consumers, to demand VIRTUAL FITTINGS from every fashion brand. So you no longer have to guess and get it wrong, and then deal with the hassle of returning items. Further more the carbon emmisons that come from those returns is another story… Also, with the 1st virtual fittings option, you get to see how it will look on you before paying for anything.

Glad I got that off my chest, moving on now… 

Brazilian Bottoms, whatsup? 

‘What’s up,’ is a string up your crack. That’s-whatsup. Other then that not much else is going on in that category. As simple and endearing that might sound, this style has become one of the most sought after bikini bottom styles. “Brazilian cut bikini bottoms are known for their sexy style and minimal tan lines.” For some, the amount of exposure they offer may be intimidating, but for others, they feel free & libearted in their bday suit. Its the only way to be, it’s freedom of just being and embracing everything — with a string. :)

“Brazilian swimwear is meant to flatter your figure and help to add shape for bottoms of all sizes. A Brazilian bikini will show more skin than a cheeky bikini bottom, so keep that in mind as you consider whether or not this bikini bottom style is right for you. If you’re looking to show a bit more skin than you would with a cheeky bottom, the Brazilian bikini bottom may be the right choice for you.”- VIX Paula Hermanny 

So if you’re teetering on being too conservative to be a nudist, but cheeky styles has too much coverage for your liberal taste. Boom, Brazilian bikini bottoms is your answer. Depending which country & region, you might find yourself in bikini limbo. Technically, you can hang at both nudist &/regular beaches. Just live your best life with your best tan. Thats all that matters really. “A Brazilian bikini bottom can also be functional for other beach activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking,” but for more intense activities it depends on your comfort level if/when a wardrobe malfunction happens. 

Brazilian swimwear will keep your bottom looking full. The confidence it takes to wear one is what makes you sexy. Don’t get those confused. Confidence that permeates from the act of being comfortable & free in your own skin is sexy af. No matter what bikini bottom you are in, you need to feel comfortable. THAT IS EVERYTHING. YOU DO YOU. DO NOT DO TRENDS. SPEAK AND REPRESENT WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU. Not for the attention or objectification that comes with these styles. YOU wear it because YOU feel good and comforatble in it. If you won’t feel comfortable and confident showing quite this much skin, opt for a cheeky bottom, or a one-piece. Or even our High waisted Cheeky Bikini bottom. If you want to be closest to Mother Nature ‘au naturel.’ Then floss into your Brazilian bikini bottom for your next family reunion. ;) 

Happy Summer post COVID Lockdown 2021 playas! Get it in ya.




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