Who evolved 1st, the bikini or the female?

Udit Ukn

Posted on January 30 2019

Who evolved 1st, the bikini or the female?

We’ve been arrested for wearing it. Named for being “small and devastating” it got the name the ‘atomic’ in 1946, but is now better known as a fashion staple. Times have changes. Thank god. For the last seven decades it’s been through a major evolution. In the past as a (something to be ashamed for), today as an analogy for the emancipation of the woman. It is no longer a garment, it is a state of freedom, a state of mind, it is a ‘cheeky’ bikini.

But ladies, what are we really talking about here?

The ‘Cheeky’ or ‘Brazilian’ has been interpreted by many brands already. Currently there are a plethora of ambiguous names followed by even more ambiguous styles, that leaves girls and ladies in a state of uncertainty.  By glancing at beaches in Hawaii and California it is obvious that these girls already know what’s going on down under, by that we mean their bottoms. Recently this trend has been rolling quietly and steadily on to our Australian shorelines,  it has been getting enormous attention on Instagram and creating some confusion. So, what truly makes a bikini cheeky and does it really look better? According to 2nd Skin Bikinis there are 8 official styles and just like the way we like to buy our jeans, with a consistency to names that reference the fit, we also need to buy our ‘cheeky’ bikini bottoms!

With the comfort of knowing that your favorite style will be there till kingdom comes. Imagine your slim legged low rise jeans being discontinued after just one season ummkay?  Relax.

The universe now makes more sense thanks to 2SB.

It’s an evolution through a revolution that has made the cheeky bikini where it is today. From California, Hawaii and even Europe girls are enjoying their well deserved freedom.

Today you will see Sally Fitzgibbons rocking the ‘Surf Low Rider’ style every where she goes and Laura Bingley sporting the ‘Belt Semi-thong.’ For the girl who’s on point with herself and her style and knows what looks best, she’ll tell you the cheeky style will definitely accentuates and complements your curves, no matter how small or big they may be. That the beauty of it. It’s for every size. Including yours!

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