Supplementary quotes & phrases

Anil Agarwal

Posted on February 19 2019

Supplementary quotes & phrases
  • “A cheeky’ bikini is no longer a garment, it’s a state of freedom, a state of mind.”
  • “Flaunt that confidence”.
  • “Exposed! Learn how to kill it in and out of water this summer with the perfect cheeky bikini bottom”
  • “A self-respecting woman dresses in what makes her body look good!”
  • “Fashion is about expression and loving one’s figure, and nothing does that more than a cheeky bikini.”
  • “If you see me, don’t hate, just learn a thing or two...-I know you’ll come around. History is on my side sista. I’m just giving ya a little head start (before the crowds get em first).”
  • 2nd Skin Bikinis is a brand dedicated to pushing the feminist movement forward full speed ahead. They are not afraid to stand out on a limb and make a statement. 2nd Skin Bikini girls and women move in the same light, they are the movers and they are killing it-in and out of water”.
  • "...made for the bold, fearless, badd-ass beach-lovers who are ready to embrace their feminine curves rather than hide them"
  • ‘This is for the rebels, the fiery, the furious, and the fearless. To all my ferocious females ( rayoww): meet the Cheeky bikini.’ - ‘We are bold, beautiful, and proud. We don’t follow standards. We set our own rules. We ward off negative glances with our shining auras.”
  • "It is no longer a garment, it’s a state of freedom, a state of mind, it is a ‘cheeky’ bikini.”

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