Just Story angles to write about…. by, Tania Zeine

Anil Agarwal

Posted on February 19 2019

One: ‘Why I’m Cheeky’ or ‘The Cheek Life Chose Me’

- This specific campaign explores the women behind, or should I say in front, of the cheeks. This pitch story celebrates the every day women who choose to embrace their bodies and sexuality within the beach life and culture with 2nd skin bikini bottoms

- This concept would be executed perfectly in either a short documentary form, or online blog with LOTS of photos of every day, and different shaped women on the beach in their 2nd

Two: ‘Embrace the Cheek’

- ‘Embrace the Cheek’ would be specifically designed to attract the Australian market.

- Within this country Brazilian cut bottoms are only slightly beginning to hit the Aussie beach scene.

- This could be a great advertisement/marketing idea. Have a photo shoot with a series of models lined up next to one another (all different shapes and sizes) with the slogan – ‘Embrace the Cheek’.

- The different size and shape of the women will convey the message that you don’t need the perfect ‘model body’ to wear this specific cut of bikini bottoms.

- Women need to know or feel validated that they can wear whatever they want as long as THEY FEEL sexy. – This photo campaign could help convey that message of ‘your beauty is what you make of it’ message that 2nd advocates.

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