Guess who’s shaking all over?

Anil Agarwal

Posted on February 19 2019

Guess who’s shaking all over?

Sending quivers down your backbone with 8 bomb cheeky bikinis

Diana Vreeland said the “bikini was the most important thing since the atom bomb.”  Check this: the Bikini Atoll Islands (where the U.S. tested nuclear bombs) are its namesake.   Forty four years later Bikini Kill formed and Kathleen Hanna danced (and thrashed) onstage in, you guessed it, a bikini.  Both women were feminists in their own right and believed that women would not be oppressed by common stereotypes and misogynist viewpoints.  These women are, and were, both present and ahead of their time; they were revolutionaries.

The cheeky bikini is a revolutionary take on an old fashion (circa 100 A.D.!) that continues to stir up controversy where ever it goes…People were shocked in the 40’s, it’s about time we shake em’ and shock em’ again.  In the words of Penny Lane (i.e. Kate Hudson in Almost Famous) “It’s all happening.”  It’s time to represent for real women everywhere.  According to 2nd Skin Bikinis there’s 8 different styles of cheekies, from sultry straight up Brazilian thongs to surfer friendly low rise briefs and mythical mermaid tails.  The cheeky is for everyone: for curves that serve, straight hips, pear shapes and apple bottoms; It’s all about the confidence you carry.  Various are the styles and colors. From girlish bows, to bohemian prints, to glittering metallics, 2SB has you covered…if you know what I mean.  Cop your cheeky exclusively at or coming soon to an independent beach boutique near you! 2SB cheekies are available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The girls are not afraid to come out of the locker (and Brian Hyland is rolling in his grave; FYI he wrote that song about a tiny yellow polka dot bikini)…  They’re running and screaming all over the sandy beaches of the world. The cheeky bikini is setting a new standard and liberating women from age old preconceived notions.  Chanel reinvented practical, comfortable fashion so women could work on their own terms and provide for themselves in a male dominated economy. The Second Skin bikini is for women who dress on their own terms.  Welcome to the edge.

2nd Skin Bikinis is a brand dedicated to pushing the feminist movement forward full speed ahead.  They are not afraid to stand out on a limb and make a statement. 2SB girls and women move in the same light, they are the movers and shakers of the fashion world, of the world period.  The 2SB girl is killing it-in and out of water.



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