Facebook posts for today

Anil Agarwal

Posted on September 16 2014

2nd Skin Bikinis PRGirl <2ndskinsocial@gmail.com> Hi Team here are proposed Facebook posts for today and tonight. Let me know what your think! Jemma Goodchild <jemmagoodchild@hotmail.com> 16 September 2014 at 08:36 To: Carol Ivon <2ndskinsocial@gmail.com> Hi Carol and team!

Thanks for your feedback. I have taken the feminist story and run with it and have included a great photo and inspiring quote which I think you and the team will like.

Please find below short piece for Facebook and accompanying photo.

I have also included an amazing photo of a surfer girl on a skateboard. I think it empitomizes 2SB’s outlook and would be great with a small caption - something along the lines of

“This shot is classic and classy as well as full of fun! Bikini Babe skating amongst the palms - we loved this at 2nd Skin Bikinis and wanted to share it with you!

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