The 2nd Journal is a series of blog posts written by both guest bloggers and the 2SB crew. It includes lifestyles goodies & hacks, for travel adventurers and beach life, food porn, nutrition tips, soul stuff, and so much more. Not to mention some politics and sass.

Why do girls wear cheeky bikinis?

Cheeky Bikinis are made for girls with curves. To keep their bun muscles firm, many of the girls we asked work out regularly and keep a healthy diet. This will keep their curves looking beautiful for their cheeky bikini to show off.
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Who evolved 1st, the bikini or the female?

We’ve been arrested for wearing it. Named for being “small and devastating” it got the name the ‘atomic’ in 1946, but is now better known as a fashion staple. Times have changes. Thank god. For the last seven decades it’s been through a major evolution. In the past as a (something to be ashamed for), today as an analogy for the emancipation of the woman. It is no longer a garment, it is a state of freedom, a state of mind, it is a ‘cheeky’ bikini.
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