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“The reason for [the] bikini being the most popular beachwear around the globe is due to the power of women, not the power of fashion” said French historian Olivier Saillard.

A few years ago, 12 years to be exact. Carol Isaza born in Vancouver, Canada with latin ancestry from Colombia & El Salvador began making her own bikinis to meet her individual needs as a wannabe surfer, wanderlust-er, and entrepreneur.

"I had to have my first bikini custom made cause all others made me look like an infant, I'm only 4'11 tall ummmmkay. You know, it had to be done(insert her heartfelt laughter).''

Her many years of living abroad & traveling around the world have been inspired by different cultures, languages, and styles. From all around Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, Asia, Australia, Africa, & all the Americas. 2nd Skin Bikinis was born out of a global need to accommodate the variety of int'l globetrotting women who love to travel, relax, indulge in natures beauty, play at the beach & surf. This brand is for females whom love their curves and knows what makes them feel & look good.

"She wears it for herself, no one else." 2nd Skin Bikinis is meeting the growing demand of women embracing their feminine silhouettes.

Unlike mass-produced, cookie-cutter designs that don’t always hug the right places, 2nd Skin’s designs are ethically crafted in small quantities to ensure your bikini is an absolute stand-out. The only way to see the 2nd Skin difference is to put one on -- and if fit is a concern, their online fit experts are here to guide you through the process. "We reeeeally want to help you find the perfect style to compliment your natural curves!"

Enjoy the result of this epic journey in a stunning collection of 10 Cheeky bikini bottoms styles intended to inspire women.

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